CrowdNewsroom is a platform for editorships interested performing investigations and research in cooperation with their readers. It is being developed by the non-profit research center, where the objective lies in opening up journalism for citizen participation and thus strengthen it.

The idea

With CrowdNewsroom, want to inspire more people to get interested in journalism again. That’s why we facilitate journalistic research that enables as many people to participate as possible. Our society grows stronger when everyone can gather information to check the actions of authorities and companies. We believe that anyone can work as a journalist, provided he or she learns the methods behind it.

The platform

We have been working on the CrowdNewsroom since 2015: a platform on which journalists and citizens can carry out investigations and research together. We view this as a type of virtual editorship, in which we tackle large-scale investigations hand-in-hand. Currently we offer individual tools for each investigation, which can be used by journalists and citizens.

The future

In the future, the platform should be open to all editorships, so that they can carry out research together with their readers. In the long term, we want to make CrowdNewsroom and the software it is based on available as OpenSource. The objective is to enable other media to initiate own investigations independently.

The team

CORRECTIV is the first non-profit research center in the Germany. Our work is independent and non-profit. The editorship is exclusively financed by donations and membership fees from supporters. If you want to find out more about us and support us.

Anne-Lise Bouyer is the head of the CrowdNewsroom project.